Charlottesville Region COVID Equity and Recovery Datahub

An initiative of the UVA Equity Center, the Equity and Recovery Datahub builds off work started by the The Equity Atlas Coalition to democratize access to vital information about our community. With a hastened need for a shared data infrastructure due to the COVID-19 crisis, this team pivoted to an applied data ethics strategy through the co-production of a COVID-19 recovery and response dashboard to organize, visualize, and share data about COVID crisis response to inform equitable recovery. Toward this end, the response and recovery datahub will provide easily accessible measures sought and shared by community organizations and members, will be iterative and responsive to feedback, and will be openly and publicly accessible. As you engage with our work, we invite and appreciate your thoughts as we continue this dialogue together.

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Data Projects

Shelter in Place

Building from work like UCLA’s “Neighborhood Inequality in Shelter-in-Place Burden” and the King County, WA Equity Impact tool, and working in partnership with community organizers and leaders, we set out to understand the disparate impact of the pandemic in our own community. This is an initial attempt to create a Shelter-in-Place index of burden or ease for the larger Charlottesville region to help decision makers, advocates, and residents better visualize the differential experiences and needs across our larger community.

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Frontline and Essential Workers

Prior to the COVID crisis, more than 26,000 workers were employed in the Charlottesville region1 in six broad industries that have been serving on the frontlines of support, sustenance, and care since the pandemic. Understanding who these workers are is necessary for developing and implementing protections. This work, modeled after analysis by the Center for Economic and Policy Research, describes the characteristics of frontline workers in the Charlottesville region.

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CDC's Social Vulnerabiltiy Index

Coming Soon, but link to the cdc here

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Disparate Impacts

How they vary across populations

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The mission of the UVA Democracy Initiative Center for the Redress of Inequity through Community-Engaged Scholarship is to tangibly redress racial and economic inequity in university communities by advancing a transformative approach to the fundamental research mission, which will, in turn, reform institutional values, pedagogy, and operations. For more on our other action-oriented projects, click here.